Phoenix Divorce Lawyers

Getting divorced is a highly personal, emotionally charged, and complex experience. Knowing what to expect can help ease the stress and create a sense of security at a time when you may be uncertain about your future.

Having experienced legal representation is necessary for navigating the complex process of dissolution or legal separation in Arizona.

Divorce Lawyers of Phoenix PLLC offers the skill and knowledge to handle even the most complex and contentious divorces, with the object of securing fair resolutions. We serve clients in all of Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Dependable Counsel For Divorce And Separation

Our lawyers are well-suited to develop targeted legal strategies for the unique circumstances of your marital dissolution. We advise, resolve, negotiate and litigate as appropriate based on the particular issues you face. We successfully negotiate on behalf of clients involved in highly contentious situations. We are diligent in discovering the complete marital estate, and seasoned in ensuring that the best interests of the children remain in the forefront of our clients’ cases.

We will walk you through the procedures for initiating divorce or pursuing a formal legal separation. We will explain all steps in the divorce process so that you can prepare yourself and make informed decisions at each stage. Our attorneys are well-versed in all divorce situations and collateral issues, including:

The role of mediation, even in complex and

high-conflict divorce

Temporary orders for custody, support, and marital property

All facets of property division and community property disputes

All matters of custody, visitation, and child support

Alimony (married couples)

Prenuptial agreements (creating or litigating)

Domestic violence restraining orders

Bankruptcy in the context of divorce

Post-divorce modifications of court orders

We handle your personal and financial matters with the foresight and attention to detail necessary to ensure that your unique circumstances are given proper consideration, that your marital and parental rights are protected, and that your marital estate is justly divided. We will conduct discovery in accordance with the needs of your matter and we will address the complex financial issues that arise out of the division of businesses, pensions and retirement plans, stock portfolios, stock options, and real estate.