Jason May

Jason is a Midwest transplant that grew up in Glendale in Arizona. An Arizona State University graduate, Mr. May earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Summa Cum Laude with an emphasis in Business. Later, Mr. May earned his Juris Doctorate at Arizona Summit Law School. In law school, Mr. May was distinguished with numerous Dean's List Awards for high achievement. More than just a student, Mr. May mentored other law school students and helped in various charity and community outreach events during his law school stay.

Prior to becoming an attorney Mr. May worked in various industries including construction, manufacturing, medical, hospitality and other services. Working with small business owners and Fortune executives Mr. May helped develop programs and solutions to help achieve his clients goals.

When he is not working, Mr. May enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and doing charitable works for others.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys will guide you through the process or drafting wills and estate planning. Our Estate Planning Lawyers are experienced in all aspects of Estate Planning including estate planning trusts. We provide Estate Planning in Peoria, AZ, including the entire valley.

Estate Planning Attorney Services

Jason May’s is an experienced Estate Planning attorney in the state of Arizona. There’s much you can do to streamline one of the most difficult financial planning decisions of your life. If you break things down into pieces, estate planning becomes a lot less intimidating. Jason May’s is a qualified estate planning professional who will listen to you and craft a plan that works for you, your family and your business. That’s the best assurance that your intentions will be honored.

Common Misconceptions of Estate Planning

1) “I don’ t need an Estate Plan everything is going to my spouse.”

  • Estate planning is more than where your belongings go after you’re gone.

Proper Estate Planning also determines:

  • Who raises my children in my absence
  • Who handles my finances if I am disabled or unable
  • Who makes my health care decisions for me if I am unable
  • Whether my life is artificially prolonged if terminally ill
  • Who will care for me when I am unable

Jason May’s Attorney at Law, PLLC has a “Life Essential Program” that will help you to avoid these pitfalls.

2) “I got a will 10 years ago so I’m fine.”

Wills and trusts are drafted for your situation at that time but when your situation changes so should your estate plan.

  • Life changes: children/ grandchildren/ marriage/ divorce/ moving/ new assets/ sale of old assets
  • Laws change

Estate planning documents should be reviewed every few years or after your situation has changed. Jason May’s Attorney at Law, PLLC offers a free evaluation consultation.

3) “I need a trust to avoid Probate.”

  • Trusts are great tools to help avoid Probate and keep control.
  • However, POD or TOD assets (such as IRA, annuity, pension, life insurance can pass outside of Probate if properly designated).
  • Assets titled as Joint Tenant with Right of Survivorship or as Joint Owners (such as a house or checking account).
  • If your personal property is less than $75,000 and real estate is less than $100,000, then Arizona law allows property to be collected by an Affidavit and probate may not be required.

Jason May’s Attorney at Law, PLLC has a comprehensive screening program to help you determine what type of estate plan you need based on your goals.

4) “I’ll do my estate planning later”

It’s never too soon to create an estate plan.

Life events, illness, disability, or severe injury don’t wait for you to be ready for it. It just happens and then it may be too late.

Once incapacitated, Expensive and Lengthy Court Proceedings are needed to Appoint someone to take care of you.

Help yourself and your family avoid the added stress, cost, and time by creating an Estate Plan today.

Jason May’s Attorney at Law, PLLC can meet with you and help you avoid these stresses through our comprehensive Estate Planning System.

Common Estate Planning Goals

  • Avoid Probate Court Proceedings
  • Avoid Taxes
  • Giving my property away in a way that reflects my values and priorities
  • Provide for Special Needs Children
  • Protect Assets from Expenses of Long Term Illness
  • Qualify for Government Benefits
  • Qualify for Veterans Benefits
  • Keeping my personal matters out of public record
  • Fairly provide for my children in a Blended Family situation
  • Avoid Conservator/ Guardian proceedings
  • Having Peace of mind knowing my family will be cared for

Help Yourself and Your Family

  • Avoid added stress and cost by creating an Estate Plan today.
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