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Jim Gaudiosi offers a free initial consultation and assistance with protecting your property in bankruptcy

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Getting divorced is a highly personal, emotionally charged, and complex experience.

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Marital Estate

In the simplest Arizona divorces, couples equally divide their modest assets and move on with

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Custody Disputes

Child custody and parental visitation are sensitive, critical aspects of family law litigation,

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Free Evaluation

Our customized fees are set for your specific situation and are traditionally the most affordable

Estate Planning

Jason May is a qualified Estate Planning and Probate attorney

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Social Security Disability Claims

Jim Gaudiosi has a thorough understanding of the Social Security ...

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Veteran Disability Claims

The Law Offices of Jim Gaudiosi specializes in handling Veterans Appeals...

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Foreclosure Prevention

There are several options to saving your home through foreclosure prevention ...

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Get a Fresh Start

Let Jim Gaudiosi help you get the Fresh Start you deserve. Eliminate your stress and debt today.

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Protect Your Family and Your Assets

Let Jason May help you with your estate planning needs including wills, trusts or probate matters

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