Social Security Disability Claims

Complexities and Challenges

The system is complex and convoluted. A qualified Social Security Disability attorney can guide you through the Social Security process.

The bureaucracy involved, along with the backlog of claims in the system, can discourage many people from beginning the claim process. We combat that by going out of our way to conveniently serve our clients at our office, in their homes or in a care facility. We are thorough and detail-oriented in filling out the necessary Social Security application. No information is too trivial if it helps you get the benefits you deserve.

Managing Your Case

Jim Gaudiosi has a thorough understanding of the Social Security Administration procedures involved. If there is a disagreement in the law or a way a case is being processed, we make a record of it so we can preserve your appellate rights if your case requires an appeal. This maximizes your chances of securing your Social Security benefits.