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Watch our Bankruptcy attorney Jim Gaudiosi cover topics related to bankruptcy in Arizona and offer helpful tips on the bankruptcy process , key terminology and provide resources when dealing with bankruptcy in Arizona.

Is Time Running Out? File Bankruptcy Before It’s Too Late

Using Credit Cards During the Holiday Season

Happy Veterans Day!

File Bankruptcy While Going Through Divorce

Bankruptcy Can Help You With Your Registration Loan

Need Help With Your Title Loan

Evictions in Bankruptcy

Here’s a link to Part 1 of an article I wrote.  This first section is about the eviction process.


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Medical Debt Got you Down?

Medical issues can strike at any time. From accidents and injuries to long-term illness, anyone can have problems. Fortunately, many of these debts can be wiped or completely forgiven.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.  623-777-4760.

The Financial World Is Changing…Do You Need A Free Consultation?

The financial world is in turmoil at this very moment.  Monetary strains from Covid-19 have already hit homes and businesses. Now the downturn is throwing fuel on the fire. Are you struggling? Do you need a free consultation?  623-777-4760

Interest rates are up and so are payments

Interest rates are up, and that means credit card payments will go up too.  If you’re drowning in debt let us help you get out from under it.

Do You Qualify for Excess Proceeds?

After a foreclosed property is sold sometimes there is money leftover. Do you qualify?

Get a Free Bankruptcy Consultation From Anywhere!

We cover the entire state of Arizona. Whether you’re in the Valley of the Sun or anywhere else within our state we can help. In person or over the phone, we can do a free consultation. Call 623-777-4760 today