In the simplest Arizona divorces, couples equally divide their modest assets and move on with their lives. In many dissolutions, the math and the legalities of community property are infinitely more complicated. Dividing the estate down the middle might be impractical, and the complexities of certain estates may warrant more creative solutions. There could be significant disagreement about the value of certain assets, or whether a community property interest even exists.

Since estates differ, working with a law firm that can knowledgeably address diverse points of law within a broader perspective is important.

Divorce Lawyers of Phoenix PLLC helps clients establish priorities, choose their battles, and secure their fair share of the estate, so they will emerge from the divorce in the most beneficial financial position.

We are an established team of Phoenix Family lawyers, representing individuals throughout the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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Sophisticated Analysis And Strategies For Property Division

Many of our clients are professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, or the spouses of high earners. We delight in solving challenging legal and financial puzzles, and we can knowledgeably address the various aspects of marital wealth that arise in divorce:

Complex property distribution

Business and professional practice valuations

Retirement portfolios

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

Community property (versus separate property)

Transmutation of assets

Appreciated value of separate property

Loans, credit cards and debts

Deferred compensation

Assets owned through trusts

Alimony payments or lump-sum distributions

Tax considerations

Prenuptial agreements

Bankruptcy in the context of divorce

Protecting Your Interests In Asset Division

Our accomplished lawyers skillfully handle classification, valuation, hidden assets, and multiple other issues that arise. We are prepared to go to court when the other party will not bargain in good faith, or when we need a judge to settle an impasse or resolve a legal question. In or out of court, we strive to maintain the dignity and humanity of our clients during this stressful process.

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