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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Chandler Az? Some clients say “I prefer working with a bankruptcy attorney near me” and I understand as it’s more convenient for the client. 

So, if you’re looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Chandler Az, you should know that most lawyers will want the legal fees to be paid upfront and in full. However, some lawyers will offer a payment plan. It’s always good to search for a “bankruptcy lawyer near me” so that you can find a lawyer close to your home. Preferably, find a lawyer with as many reviews as you can read so that you can make an informed decision about which bankruptcy lawyer you want. Some bankruptcy lawyers will offer no money down to start your case. 

This does not mean that you won’t pay any money upfront. It means that the firm will accept your case and sign an agreement for representation with no money down, but you still must pay the legal fees prior to any action being taken on your case. 

For many people, coming up with all the fees upfront is difficult. You should consider searching for an attorney who offers payment plans or that takes payments so you can break down the payments into affordable monthly payments. 

When searching for the cost of a bankruptcy lawyer, most Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers will not quote you a price over the phone. It’s extremely difficult to analyze a client’s case over the phone and quote a fee. 

Most bankruptcy lawyers will offer a free consultation to talk about your case. You can use that to gauge the cost of the attorney’s fees. You can search for a low-cost or cheap bankruptcy attorney as well and you might find a reputable lawyer to work with. 

However, there are not many “free bankruptcy lawyers” unless you are looking for low-cost legal aid. Most, if not all, chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers charge a flat fee for their services. A flat fee means that you pay one flat rate amount for the entire representation. 

There may be some exclusions but for most cases, the one-time flat amount will cover all the legal fees. All Chapter 7 cases require a filing fee as well that must be paid to the court upon filing your Chapter 7 case. 

At Gaudiosi Law, we are affordable and offer payment plans. We believe in working with our clients to come up with a payment arrangement that fits the needs of the client while still being able to give excellent customer service and first-class representation. Our reviews speak for us. Want to learn more about filing Chapter 7? Read here

Chapter 13 Attorneys Near Me

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is similar to Chapter 7 but there are a few exceptions. For Chapter 13 cases, it is against bankruptcy law to accept any legal fees after the case has been filed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys are only allowed to take payment upfront, then the remainder of any unpaid fees is factored into the Chapter 13 plan of reorganization. 

The attorney gets paid the remainder of the fees later while you make your reorganization payments to the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee. The flat fees tend to be larger than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is because the attorney has agreed to represent you over a longer period. Typically, 36 to 60 months is the length of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization plan. The upfront fee for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can range between bankruptcy lawyers. 

You should search for an experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. Chapter 13 cases tend to be much more complex than Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Finding an experienced attorney is a smart move. At Gaudiosi Law, we have handled bankruptcy cases for more than 10 years. Our experienced attorney is capable of taking on your case and getting you to a discharge whether you file chapter 7 or chapter 13.

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Chapter 11 Attorney Near Me

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is very complex. The case involves highly extensive legal issues and may require litigation. It is important to search for an experienced Chapter 11 lawyer near you who can navigate the complex procedures and law in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Most Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys charge an hourly rate for their fees. An hourly rate means the client pays by the hour for work anytime the attorney or staff members perform any work on the case. The fees may be billed monthly or quarterly. 

Once a Chapter 11 case is filed, the attorney can only get paid upon receiving a court order allowing the attorney to accept payment. Finding a low-cost or free bankruptcy attorney is not recommended if you are looking for a Chapter 11 lawyer. Chapter 11 attorneys should be knowledgeable in business dealings, real estate, tax law, and other forms of law that may be necessary when dealing with more sophisticated creditors. 

If I was looking for the best Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers near me, I’d hire Gaudiosi Law. We can take your Chapter 11 case. We have experience in the law and all aspects of bankruptcy in any chapter that you may want to file. Give us a call today and request a free consultation at 623-777-4760.

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