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What Is the Eviction Process

According to AZFamily.com (https://www.azfamily.com/2022/10/18/eviction-fillings-hit-13-year-high-across-maricopa-county-assistance-still-available/) eviction filings in Maricopa County have hit a thirteen year high with eviction filings of more than 6600 in September 2022 alone, which is the most evictions since 2008. So, what is the eviction process? First, a landlord must act pursuant to the Landlord Tenant Act in Arizona, (https://housing.az.gov/sites/default/files/documents/files/Landlord-Tenant-Act-ADOH-Publication-July-2018_0.pdf) Pursuant to the Act, landlords may either file an eviction proceeding in court to (1) request a tenant pay rent, or (2) request a tenant be forcibly removed from a property. According to the Maricopa Justice Courts, the Landlord must provide Notice to the tenant depending upon which type of eviction is being filed in court and the severity of the eviction proceedings (https://justicecourts.maricopa.gov/case-types/evictions/)

Once Notice has been delivered upon a tenant, the tenant will be given an opportunity to cure the deficiency, however, the tenant must move quickly to resolve any problems before the court holds a hearing. Once the case has been heard, the judge will make a ruling and more than likely, an eviction will be approved, if the tenant cannot make good on paying any rent arrears or resolving any issues which the landlord has complained about in the court filings.

Keep in mind that if the tenant loses in court and an eviction ruling is made, the tenant may become liable for all attorney fees and costs incurred by the landlord for the eviction process. This flow chart can help you understand the eviction process in Arizona https://ipropertymanagement.com/laws/arizona-eviction-process#flowchart.